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About Me and

Mony and StarWelcome! My name is Mony and I’m 9 years old. This is my first time making a website and I’m very excited about it! I made this website to inform people about cats and have a place for cat profiles. I’m a cat lover and I think they’re the cutest in the world.

You can send me pictures and even a short video of your cat and I’ll put it on my website. To submit a profile for your cat, click here.

You can see my cat’s profile here. Her name is Star. Her full name is Starfish. The website name was inspired by my cat.

Please tell your friends about this site! Thank you!


Message from Mony’s big sister

Hi. My name is Sinoun (pronounced ‘Sinoon’ in English) and I’m Mony’s older sister… MUCH older. Like 20 years older. And Mony is lucky to have a cool sister like me because she gets to create awesome things like this website. Haha. Some things we’re also currently working on is another board game made from scratch, Zelda Skyward Sword on Wii, and a novelette/book that we hope to publish very soon.

Just so you know, Mony came up with pretty much everything in this site. That includes the logo design, the color scheme, the interview questions for your cat, and the pages. I came up with the awesome floating cat on the homepage though!

We have more cool ideas for this site so stay tuned and visit often! 🙂